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Maailmanlopun Maraton 20.12.2012 - Kauhean kiva retki

Maailmanlopun Maraton juostiin reippaassa pakkasessa tonttulakit päässä 20.12.2012 » lue lisää

The End Of The World Marathon 20.12.2012 - Registration

Please use the following form to register and enter the End Of the World Marathon. Register latest by 15th of December 2012. But the sooner, the better. The registration triggers an email, which is manually processed by the secretary of the Fat Mayans Organization. The secretary is known for his laziness, and it may take a while until your name appears on this page. If you are lucky, the secretary may also remember to send you a confirmation about the participation. If, at some point, you have second thoughs and want to cancel your participation - please do notify us by email.

The information you give upon registration is not published or given to any third parties, except the information published on the list of participants.
  • The event is free of charge
  • Participation, and all the risks involved are on YOUR sole responsibility.
  • We run the route together, at same pace (5 hour finish). No individual timing.
  • It is ok to participate also with a bike, kick sledge, or whatever devices which you can legally steer on the public roads and sidewalks.
  • Food (including stuff like bananas) and refreshments (water, sports drink) are served along the route.
see. » Route and schedule in more detail | List of participants.

The End Of The World Marathon 20.12.2012 | Registration Form
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